If you’re a good Five Card Stud player and you just take your game over to the Soko Poker tables, chances are you’ll make a nice profit. After all, the game is mostly the same, and the players playing Soko are likely to be loose gamblers who are just looking to give their money away to you.

However, there are some small adjustments you can make that might help you make even more money in the long run. These changes are all related to the one difference between regular Stud and Soko Poker – the addition of the four-card flush and four-card straight to the hand rankings.

If you’ve played a lot of Five Card Stud, you know how important it is to protect your vulnerable hands – namely, smaller pairs. This becomes even more important in Soko Poker, where the addition of those four-card draws gives your opponents yet another way to catch up to your hands. You may want to consider playing even stronger pairs more aggressively on the early rounds to make sure you’re making your opponents pay for their drawing attempts.

Of course, you can take advantage of this in other ways, too. Your opponents will often be drawing to a four-card hand without having nearly the odds they should to do so. They’ll also be likely to overplay these hands dramatically, meaning that when you make a strong hand – two pair or better – you’ll be likely to extract a lot of money from the fish who are overvaluing their “big” four-card hands. This happens VERY often at Fortune Poker – click here.

It may seem like suited cards and connectors would go way up in value thanks to the increased odds of making a draw. However, making a four-card hand is still not easy, and you’re drawing to a fairly weak hand – unlike a traditional flush or straight, you may not feel confident about winning even if you do make your draw. That said, their value shouldn’t be discounted too much; an otherwise marginal hand in Five Card Stud might be playable in Soko Poker if it is suited or connected (or preferably, both). This is especially true in late position if you’re confident you can see 3rd street for cheap. If you have three cards to a four-card hand, your hand does have some value if you can get two chances to draw to them and nobody is showing a pair on board.

After you gain some experience playing Soko Poker, these adjustments will seem like second nature to you, and you’ll see your advantage over the many fish in these games increasing. There’s usually more action in a Soko game than in standard Five Card Stud, which can make the game both more fun and more profitable for you.

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