If you play a lot of hands, then you’d be quite frankly foolish to be playing SOKO, or any poker game, without rakeback.  If you’re not sure what rakeback is – basically, the poker room takes money from every pot you participate in.  This is how they earn money, and is called the “rake”.  You can get a portion of that back.  For a more detailed guide to rakeback, read: What Is Rakeback?

SOKO Poker is on the Boss Network, host to a lot of sites including Celeb Poker, Paradise Poker and Pokerheaven.  Even if you have an account at one of those sites, the poker room we highly recommend is Fortune Poker.

We have been playing on Fortune Poker since 2005, and have made thousands in rakeback thanks to Fortune.  Fortune Poker is also a very customer-friendly poker room, and their managers are very open to players e-mailing them with any problems, etc.

We have set up a deal with the popular rakeback provider Rakeback Resource to offer you 30% rakeback at Fortune Poker.  On top of the rakeback is lots of promotions like rake races.  You will also get an exclusive A-7 5 Card Draw Strategy Guide when signing up at Rakeback Resource, which is another game on the Boss Network you can easily dominate.

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