If you’ve ever been asked to play a round of Soko, your first thought was probably “what is Soko Poker?” The answer is simple: it’s a fun, interesting variant on another poker game that you already know well – Five Card Stud. Unlike lots of variants, Soko Poker is easy to learn, and you can feel right at home playing it if you’ve ever played Five Card Stud before.  You can learn how to play SOKO Poker here.

Soko Poker is also known as Canadian Stud or Scandinavian Stud. In fact, Sökö is the Finnish name for the game, which might give us a clue as to how the game originated. Sökö is also the Finnish word for “check,” as the phrase minä sökötän means “I check.” The game is probably still most popular among Scandinavian players, though it has spread all across the poker world.

The only difference between Soko Poker and regular Five Card Stud is that two new hands have entered the rankings. These are a four flush and a four straight – four card versions of the normal versions of a flush and a straight. Both of these hands rank just below two pair, with a four flush beating a four straight. Flushes and straights are pretty rare in Five Card Stud, so adding them to Soko Poker makes for a livelier game with a lot more action and more variety in the hand types you’ll see during a session.

Soko Poker is definitely a fun game, and since it’s a game played mostly by those looking to gamble it up, it can be a lucrative version of poker too! If you want to try Soko Poker online, the best room that features it is Fortune Poker.

While Five Card Stud has become just a footnote in modern poker, becoming less popular year after year, Soko Poker is on the way up. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular poker variants, so now is the time to start playing! Just remember not to try taking down your next Hold’em pot with a four flush.  If you’re not quite sure about the rules, check out our page on how to play Soko Poker.