While Soko Poker is a game that is becoming more and more popular, it can still be hard to find places to play Soko Poker online. However, there are a few options. Soko Poker is offered by the poker rooms on the Boss Network. This means that sites like Paradise Poker, Sporting Bet and Pokerheaven all carry Soko Poker.

However, our recommendation is to play Soko on Fortune Poker. For one thing, Fortune Poker is known for its extremely loose games. This means that once you’ve mastered the basics of poker strategy, you can make a killing dominating the tables filled with big gamblers and other weak players. The number of fish is astounding; to paraphrase a famous poker saying, if you can’t find the sucker at your table after 10 minutes, you’re not at Fortune!

Fortune’s software is solid and easy to navigate. If you like to multitable, you can play up to five tables at once. The player base is not quite as large as some of the megasites out there, but there are always more than enough players around to get whatever kind of game you’re looking for. On that note, Fortune Poker offers a pretty wide range of games, including all the games you normally expect plus Soko Poker, Five Card Draw, Five Card Stud, and A-7 Five Card Draw.

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If you’re a big player, we recommend getting rakeback at Fortune Poker.  If you don’t play too often, then sign up directly as you will be able to participate in the Fortune Poker loyalty program, which is great for the casual player.  You can get 30% rakeback at Fortune Poker, and during their reload bonus periods, that number jumps to 35%. They also offer daily freerolls that are great for players with small bankrolls looking to make a few extra bucks; if you thought the regular games at Fortune were weak, you won’t believe the fish in their free tournaments!

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The support available on Fortune is the same solid support you’d find on any of the Boss Network sites. There is one difference, however; Fortune has a great manager who is always looking to help meet the needs of his players. On most sites, you’ll be lucky to ever hear from the room manager, but at Fortune, the manager is likely to try to get to know you better and make sure you’re happy with the product. It’s not a big thing, but it’s one of those nice touches that help make Fortune Poker a great site to play on.

Taking all of these factors into consideration, we highly recommend Fortune Poker as the place to play Soko Poker online. If you’re looking for other options, we’d also suggest trying out the rest of the Boss Network.  Sign up here for Fortune Poker.